Come enjoy the beauty of British Columbia’s mountains.

Situated close to the town of Valemount, this well equipped cabin offers amenities suitable for families with children.

Rustic Country Retreat

Unique seven sided design

Cabin design was intended to maximize natural light and take full advantage of the spectacular view of McKirdy Mountain.

Screened porch

An extended porch area extends the bug-free or snow-free area, perfect for storing extra baggage or wet weather gear.


The trail to the cabin is 5.8km (3.8 miles), where you may hear the flutey warble of the cabin’s namesake; the Hermit Thrush bird.


With an elevation gain of 853m (2,800 ft), the cabin is set at 1,920m (6,300 ft) above sea level in the sub-alpine ecozone.

A glimpse of beauty

In summer, a meadow of wildflowers lies just below the cabin while a small lake is minutes away. A hiking trail crosses an old rock slide, leading to alpine meadows and ridges.

In winter, the cabin provides access to alpine skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing. Pristine air and magnificent vistas to refresh the mind and soothe the soul are available in any season