Hermit Thrush Cabin is nestled in the subalpine forest at 1,920 m (6,300 ft) above sea level above Valemount, BC, Canada. The seven-sided log cabin is well equipped to provide comfort in any mountain weather. The owners not only designed and hand-built the hut, but also sawed the local cedar logs. The unusual shape maximises natural light and takes full advantage of the spectacular view of nearby McKirdy Mountain. The cabin is off-grid, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the rhythm of the wilderness.

A mossy stream just below the cabin leads to a small mountain lake; those up to braving mountain water temperatures can take a refreshing dip. The old rockslide east of the cabin provides a clear view down into the valley and nearby mountains, especially Canoe Mountain. From the cabin it is a short walk to alpine meadows, with views to the east of the magnificent Mt. Robson towering over the rest of the Rockies. Another short hike up to the higher meadows gives you a 360 view of the Cariboo Mts, Monashee Mts and Selwyn Range/Rocky Mts.

In summer, the alpine is decorated with vivid wildflowers, and with easy hiking in the meadows or more challenging hiking up McKirdy and Carson peaks. Of course, laying back in the heather and watching the clouds go by is also an excellent way to unwind. In the winter, backcountry skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing are all enjoyable ways to spend the day.

A screened-in porch provides both a safe shelter for gear and a bug-free zone to enjoy the unparalleled fresh air. A wood heater, with a stunning solid rock wall shield held in place by iron hands made by a local blacksmith, keeps the cabin cosy and warm in cold weather.

The trail to the cabin starts at the owners’ home and leads through the forest for 5.8 km (3.8 miles) in length, with a 885 m (3000 ft) gain in elevation. While hiking through the forest, you may hear the cabin’s namesake, the hermit thrush bird, with its beautiful flutey warble.